How to select lashes?

Before this, we have to understand the raw materials of eyelashes. Generally, there are two kinds of eyelashes material on the market, such as mink and false mink. Look at your market position and your own budget to decide which market you need to do. Below is key point of selecting:

Eyelashes hair tip, see whether each eyelash has a hairy tip, because only when each hair has a hairy tip, it can be guaranteed that this is a complete hair, and only the details of each hair are completed to ensure the overall quality. As the below show the mink eyelashes hair tip.

Eyelashes Line softnesseyelashes line depends on two parts, one is the amount of eyelashes, one is the glue used by the Eyelashes line, the amount of hair depends on the style requirements, the more the hair is theoretically the harder the eyeliner, which is directly proportional relationship. Another one is glue, the quality of the glue can determine whether the eyeliner can be made soft. A good eyelashes is when you touch the eyelshes line, you feel a natural softness.

Eyelashes curvature, good eyelashes, and more realistic eyelashes, in any aspect, look natural and comfortable, especially from the side of the eyelashes, there will be a lot of layers, not only real but also artistic. As shown in the figure below, the left eyelashes are not rich in the curvature of the right eyelashes.

The times of the eyelashes are used, we definitely don’t want to use one thing and it will be broken, so when we buy eyelashes, if we can buy it on the spot, we can touch the sample, we can comb the hair naturally by hand. See if there is hair loss.

This is the four elements of choosing a good eyelash. Of course, there are other ways to pick eyelashes. I will keep updating in the blogs that follow.

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