Why do we choose Mink Lashes?

We have been pursuing nature, imitating nature, but never surpassing nature. This is why we choose mink hair as our eyelashes raw material.

Because the mink hair is similar in composition and structure to our human eyelashes, and the natural mink is soft and non-irritating, it is comfortable to wear for a long time. Compared with some other artificial hair, it has some unmatched advantages.

There are also mink hair that can create a layered feel of different curvatures, which will make your eyelashes look more natural, richer in layers, and have a smart aesthetic between the eyebrows.

The mink eyelashes are not the production of the assembly line, nor the uniformity. She should make us pursue our own personality and art. The final trend must be high-end customization, unique. Perhaps this is the meaning of handmade products.

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