I need 30 personal eyelash boxes

“Hello, I need 30 personal eyelash boxes.” My customer told to me. She said that she needed 30 boxes at once and it felt like a big order.

At the time, my next sentence, I directly refused the request of my customer. Is it because I am not willing to make a eyelash box for the customer?

No, it’s because the eyelash box factory, their list is hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of shipments, they will not specifically arrange for this small list, unless you are willing to produce high prices, but this way It is extremely uneconomical for my customer, I can’t accept it.

About this problem, we have specially customized a large number of boxes in advance. Those boxes are for customers who need, but who only need a small number of boxes. Even there are still some customers who satisfied with those customized eyelash boxes we made before. But still need 30 personal customized boxes as always, so that we are also very difficult. Even some obsessive customers would rather get the box at a higher price. But I can’t promise and also I wouldn’t let my customers waste their budget.

So dear customers, when a supplier advises you to make more eyelash boxes or reject your 30 eyelash boxes, they are not willing to cooperate with you, but they want to cooperate better with you.

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