Should I trust my customers?

I will not hesitate to answer this question, believe it!

And I will give my client a chance. A chance to make a good appointment for whatever reason. But there is no second chance any more.

Because there were too many customers who said that she came back to me for further eyelash business discussion. But the results were not. I know this may be an excuse for my client. But it is because she is my client, so I will choose not to hesitate to believe her. .

But many customers did not follow her agreement. However, some customers said that this is an appointment, she will definitely come back, and she will really come back to me.

The customers who don’t follow her agreement make me doubt each other’s trust, but the customers who follow the agreement will make me believe in the trust between each other.

So many times I was doubting and believing in Lieutenant. But still that sentence, just because you are my client, I chose not to hesitate to believe in you.

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