Why are your eyelashes expensive?

In this blog I don’t want to emphasize the many excellent features of our products. And then tell my customers why our eyelashes are worth the price, but here I want to tell the truth.

In recent years, a large number of eyelash suppliers have appeared in this market, and prices are getting lower and lower. As a company engaged in the business of eyelashes for 10 years, it is very surprising. We are surprised that this market is not developing fast. But we are surprised at why they can sell eyelashes so low.

So with curiosity, we bought the eyelash products of the same industry to experience. After the experience, we found that the experience of doing high-end eyelashes and low-end eyelashes can be so different. We can understand why customers are more willing to buy cheaper eyelashes, but we don’t understand why customers think so.

Then there was a moment when I suddenly realized that these customers are not my customers. The good things need someone who know how to apprecaite. And the basis of eyelashes business success is that we can accept each other’s thoughts and also have the same values.

We are also very fortunate that we have not been rushed by the market. We have not given up on our pursuit of products, we also adhere to our original ideas.

I think this is why we are more expensive than others because I know we worth it!

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