A brief description of the development of eyelash length

11-13mm Eyelashes

In the original eyelash market, most of the eyelashes are 11-13mm. Because this length is worn closer to the original eyelash length of the eye. And the eyelashes are initially worn to compensate for the natural eyelashes that fall off. At that time, eyelashes were an alternative and have not yet officially developed into a work of art.

However, with the increasing aesthetic requirements for eyelashes, it has been found that this length type of eyelashes is not sufficient to express the presence of eyelashes. Even if they can make up for the problem of falling off their own eyelashes, people’s attention to the eyelashes gradually moves closer to the length of the eyelashes.

14-16mm Eyelashes

So the market launched 14-16mm eyelashes, and then quickly became popular in the market because of its length.

For example, the Miami in the US market, in fact, its initial length is 16mm. However, because the length of the eyelashes in the market is generally short before this, its emergence immediately ignited the enthusiasm of consumers, because everyone is willing to try new things. And the most important point is that the length of the eyelashes is obviously different from the other lengths of the eyelashes on the market, which will make people feel bright at the first sight.

However, the eyelash market is constantly evolving, and the customer base is growing. Customers can’t just stop the length of the eyelashes. In some cases, some more exaggerated styles are needed, especially for some black customers, because their eye sockets are deep. The eyes are also large, so to this extent, longer length lashes are needed to highlight their eyes.

17-20mm Eyelashes

So the market began to slowly introduce 17-20mm eyelashes. The length of this series quickly became popular among black customers. After wearing this eyelash, when we blinked, we will see this length when we look at it from the side. The eyelashes look particularly nice and have a different feeling.

In the following period of time, the eyelash market has gradually become more stable, and the customer’s purchasing enthusiasm is not very high. After surveying some customers, our company found that customers can accept more eyelash lengths. And we gradually realized that if exaggeration can only be expressed in a more exaggerated way, the exaggeration of length is the most direct way.

25mm Eyelashes

As a result, our company took the lead in launching 25mm eyelashes in the second half of last year, and it quickly caused a wave of lashes in the eyelash market, and it is still very popular in the market today. Because of its exaggeration, because of its exaggeration, it is particularly sexy to wear. Not only does the eyelashes look particularly sexy from the side, but it is also very sexy from the front.

28mm Eyelashes

But does the length of the eyelashes end here? No, not anyway. There is always a small group of customers who are always so different and always show their personality. So we came up with a super long 28mm eyelashes. Although it is not as hot as 25mm eyelashes, we are the only one in the eyelash market. This is where we are proud, because the longer the eyelashes, the harder it is to make. We must walk in the forefront of the eyelash market. Because innovation has always been the soul of our products.

30mm Eyelashes

Next, we also plan to design 30mm long eyelashes, and we feel that even the 30mm eyelashes are far from the end of the eyelash length.

The times are changing, the aesthetics are changing, and the final length is always unknown.

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