Congratulations to my customers

I have a customer from the United States, she is called Dayanne.

She consulted my eyelashes a long time ago and told me that she especially liked our eyelashes. She also selected 10 different eyelashes style and told me to come back soon.

I said, ok.

But my heart is actually quite lost. I don’t know what happened. Recently, some customers have told me like this, but it seems that they have never returned.

Because I started to learn Spanish recently, just because of this client, she speaks Spanish, so I once again communicated with her in Spanish. The whole communication process is quite interesting. My Spanish is not good, she is not very good at English. So, we used Google Translate and exchanged.

Later, I learned that my client is pregnant and will soon be a mother. She said that she has used a lot of money recently and will order it later.

I smiled and said that even if you don’t order our eyelashes, it’s more important to be a mother than to buy eyelashes.

I don’t deny that we are businessmen, and I really want customers to place orders here, but the most important thing is that customers can be happy and happy, this is our happiness and happiness.

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