Please be prepared to buy eyelashes

A customer from the Netherlands said that she was just starting her eyelash business and asked how to start her own eyelash business and asked if I could help her.

I am honored and willing to help those who started the eyelash business. I hope they will succeed and hope to succeed with them.

I answered her questions one by one. I am also very patient to tell her some basic knowledge about eyelashes. She is very grateful to me, and also likes the style I recommend to he. And she said she very willing to buy samples to try. Then she asked a lot of questions.

But after a long conversation, she told me that she had no money to buy until next month. I was surprised to hear that after listening to it. I was not surprised that my client did not have any money. I was surprised that she did not honestly say it at the beginning.

Even if you don’t have money right now, it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy it. But why did you start to promise me easily? I think doing business or doing things, shouldn’t we follow credit?

If the other way around, I promised to give you the eyelash style, I didn’t do it. Are you surprised too?

Dear customers, please be prepared to buy eyelashes again. It is not just to prepare your budget, but to be prepared your heart to pursue eyelash business.

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