Very pity

A customer from the United States found me. She said that she is very interested in the eyelash business and would like to try.

I am very happy and happy not only because there are more and more people who like eyelash market, but also that my client is just a college student. No matter which market, more and more young people mean that this market is more and more dynamic and the prospects are good.

And my client is still a very nice looking person with a pair of beautiful eyes, it is a natural eyelash model. No need to find model anyway.

She asked me a lot about eyelashes and some of the current eyelashes market. I am very patient to answer her, then she told me to think about it and give me a reply tomorrow.

I said yes.

The next day, she found me and said to me. She said that she thought about it for a long time yesterday. She felt she should focus on my studies. The eyelash business need waiting for me to finish my studies, and then I will consider it.

I said it was a pity, how good advantage you are to do eyelash business, but I respect your choice.

I know that everyone has different ideas and everyone’s life is inconsistent, but since she has made a decision, I feel that we must respect others.

But anyway I still feel a little regret in my heart.

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