Which eyelash is suitable for me to wear?

I believe that most salespeople will ask you what eye shape you are, and then choose the right eyelash style according to your eye shape.

First of all, I don’t deny this way, but I have another idea. If I put the factor of eye shape away first.

So is the person wearing eyelashes doing makeup every day? So, is it necessary to change different makeup for different occasions? So to a certain extent, do different makeups also need different styles of eyelashes? And makeup is one of many factors, and there are many more.

Then customers can’t help but wonder, how do I choose the eyelash style? There are so many factors to consider, is there a standard?

No, there is no single criterion for buying anything. If you have to say one, then you are like it or not.

In other words, how to choose the favorite eyelash style, that is the first principle, if you like this style in the moment you see the eyelashes, then you just like it.

Because no matter when you like it, it is the best.

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