I will order eyelash next month

I don’t know why, I have a lot of customers who say that I will order eyelashes from me next month, even if we have already discussed all the details about eyelash ordering.

At first I tried to guess, is this an excuse for customers to reject me? Or is the customer really ordering next month? Or is she comparing among several suppliers?

I can guess a lot of possibilities, but I am not sure what the truth is.

Just today, when I go to pick up the water, the left side of the water dispenser is hot water, and the right side is cold water. I was very entangled in the end, was it cold water or hot water? So I spent a long time to think. But I found I was still standing, the cold water was not received, and the hot water was not received.

Suddenly, I realized that if I really like what I like, then getting early is better than getting late. And more, isn’t better to have immediate possession than to get earlier?

I think it is same reason like eyelash ordering.

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