Which way to buy eyelash samples is more worthwhile

Today, I have a customer from Australia. She first asked about the shipping price and felt acceptable, then told me to pick the eyelashes sample.

After about two hours, he told me that she chose 10 eyelash styles and sent the list to me. Because when I gave him the freight. I said that the transport price of 1-10 pairs of eyelashes is the same. So ordering eyelash samples, in the case of ensuring the same transportation costs, it is good choice to choose more seyelash style to test.

But when I quoted her the price. I don’t know if it’s a budget issue? Or if the customer’s purchase is more cautious. She told me that I only want three eyelash styles. I was not surprised at first because everyone has their own choices.

But as my client, I still need to tell the customer again, which one is more worthwhile. However, after speaking, the customer insisted on trying three styles first, each style requires a sample.

As before, I will still persuade my customers to add a few different styles, and transportation will be worthwhile. But now I am not going to do that.

I deeply understand that everyone has a choice for everyone, we can suggest, but we must not interfere, we have to respect each other’s choices.

Which way to buy is more worthwhile? In fact, which way is worthwhile, as long as you get what you want, as long as it is your choice that is worth it.

All arrangements are the best arrangements.

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