Ting – Eyelash Story About Shy Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He is very embarrassed and very shy. Even if he meet a girl you like, he won’t take the initiative to say hello.

Once in the outdoor class, the teacher needed a person to take a photo record. The boy volunteered to take the camera from home to school. In fact, the boy has ulterior motives. He wants to secretly photograph the girl he likes. This is a precious opportunity for him.

The boy who helped the teacher to take a photo secretly took a lot of pictures of the girl, and the boy felt very satisfied. However, the boy never imagined that by the time of rest, the boy was sitting in a connected position with the girl. The boy was very nervous. This was the first time so close to the girl, and hurriedly blocked his face with a camera.

It was just the sunset, the girl looked to the west, ​​leaving her innocent side face. The boy pressed the shutter to her side face quietly. In the photo, the girl’s eyelashes are long and beautiful, and the boy’s was smiling.

After many years passed, the boy accidentally pulled out the photo and stared at the girl, remembering the beautiful moment at the time. Later, the boy told the story to our designer and showed us the girl’s photo.

After listening to the story, the designer felt that the story was very moving, so she tried to make the eyelash according to the girl’s eyelashes. The designer asked the boy what kind of name do you want to call these two eyelashes?

The boy said, just call “Ting” because the girl’s name has a “Ting” in it.

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