If – the story behind the eyelashes

One night, our eyelash designer sat on the window sill and looked at the lights outside the window. Suddenly, the scenes of the past flooded into the heart.

Write a small poem by drinking. The poem as below:

If we didn’t know each other at the beginning, wouldn’t we have a future story?

If we didn’t hold each other hand, wouldn’t it be heartbreaking?

If there was no hot kiss by the street, wouldn’t i love you slowly?

If I can stop at the beginning, is it not scarred so much?

But everything goes away at any time, what if there is anything call if ?

But everything is imprinted in time, if itself also the original indeed.

When he stopped the pen in his hand and suddenly remembered her gentle side face, he felt that it was necessary to do something for her.

He thinks she should have a unique eyelash that belongs to her.

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