Breeze – the love story behind the eyelash

This is a story about first love, a boy and a girl. That year he was 18 years old and she was 17 years old.

The boy was particularly excited when he first saw the girl, but the shy boy did not express this love. Just deeply hide this love in heart.

But time waits for no one, and gradually approaches the end of graduation. The boy feels that this love must be said to be exported, otherwise it will become a regret in life.

The boy took the courage and wrote a note to the girl. That night, the boy stood under the sycamore tree waiting for the girl, but the boy was not sure if the girl would come.

The wind blew slightly that night, and the boy walked around under the tree, thinking if the girl would come. But I haven’t seen the girl for a long time. The sky is gradually getting dark. The boy is desperate, thinking that the girl should not come, this may be a rejection.

When the boy lowered his head and was about to leave, suddenly the girl jumped out from the side and said, “Oh, sorry, I am late.”

The boy suddenly opened his mouth and said, “The wind is really gentle tonight, like breeze.”

This is the love story about eyelash.

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