City – the story behind the eyelashes

This world is very big and there are many cities. There are many people in this city, but there is no her.

James still remembers meeting Jenny for the first time at a college dance party. When James first saw Jenny, she was deeply attracted to her. After the party ended, James asked the classmates how to contact Jenny.

Then, James began to pursue Jenny, a bunch of roses every day, accompanied Jenny every day to go to class, and finally got what he wanted to do with Jenny. Two people started a sweet life.

But time is not waiting for people, and it is time to graduate. James wants to stay in the city and decide to pursue his own career. But Jenny went to a distant place, she said she was looking forward to the scenery there.

In the end, neither of them finally persuaded anyone. James did not accompany Jenny to the distant city. Jenny did not choose to stay for James. Like the most of college couple who broke up at the graduation season, like James and Jenny.

Sometimes, James will receive a postcard from Jenny, which is another city. James stayed in the city and missed Jane.

Staying in this city without Jenny, James missing her and their past time.

This is the story behind the eyelash City!

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