Rustle – the story behind the eyelashes

The boy looked at the sycamore tree in front of him. Under the wind blowing, the leaves rustled, and slowly the boy began to recall the unforgettable evening.

The boy also clearly remembers that it was his first time to date with the girl. He is usually shy and clumsy, and he does not know how to win the girl’s heart. But that time the boy took the courage to go out to the girl.

The evening was very sunny that day, and the west was a red sunset. The boys and girls walked together on the Wutong Avenue on campus.

I don’t know if the boy is shy or the girl is shy. The two walked, walking from the side of the road to another side of the road, then folded back and continued on the same road.

Except at the beginning, the boy said, “You are here!” The girl replied: “Yeah!” The two people never talked again. But even without talking, the two people walked together for a long time. Until the girl looked at the watch, the boy nodded his head, then sent her back.

When the boy remembered that during the two people walking, he accidentally touched the girl’s hand and recovered as quickly as an electric shock. Now that the boy suddenly thinks of it, he still has a heartbeat.

This is the story behind the eyelashes, Rustle.

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