Bombshell – the story behind the eyelashes

This is a sad story about the story of Elison and Gerry.

Both Elison and Gerry are soldiers and serve in the same army. Elison will go to Gerry to play when he is resting.

Suddenly an urgent military order, Gerry transferred to a certain area to fight against terror. Elison felt that she was not alone with Gerry. Therefore, Elison applied to the area to the higher level, and finally after several applications, the superior leader agreed to go.

Elison rushed to an area with excitement, thinking about seeing Gerry right away, Elison finally saw Gerry. Elison was excited to hold Gerry in his arms and kissed his forehead.

Suddenly the military order, so that two people had to stop hugging, and then rushed to the battlefield. No one ever thought about it. The terrorists who fell into the pool suddenly bombed the bomb in their hands and ran to Ellison, watching it explode.

Suddenly Gerry flew over and hugged the terrorists and knocked him aside. With a loud bang, Elison began to blur, and when he opened his eyes, he only saw Gerry fall in a pool of blood not far away.

Elison cried and said:”Please Gerry……please Gerry, wake up…..wake up……I wanna say I love you…..i love you from long long ago…please Gerry……please……”

Elison shouted at the sky, I love you Gerry, but he can’t hear it anymore. Gerry is surrounded by some nasty boom shells and bullet shells. He kept shouting, I hate war, I only like Gerry. Elison’s voice hovered in this sky for a long time and could not be dispersed.

While sorting out Gerry’s relics, Elison found a note in his pocket, and after seeing the note, Elison’s tears slammed down.

On the note read: “I love you Elison, Gerry”

This is the story behind the eyelash, Bombshell.

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