Killer – the story behind the eyelash

“She is like a killer, killing my heart.” He looked out the window and spoken out his words.

When the dark clouds outside the window gradually thickened, he began to slowly recall his past events with her, recalling the woman he loved and hated as well.

It was common for him to meet her, but the two had a fierce spark at the beginning. They hugged for the first time, kissed for the first time, and sleep together for the first time. He loves her deep, and even outlines his and her future scenes in his minds.

As time passed, he found that she seemed to be getting colder and colder. He asked her if she had anything. She said that she was busy with work. She also said that you should not care so much. He was very angry that she said this, but after all, she was a person he loved, and he would not go to argue with her, only to accompany her silently.

But the longer he was, the more he felt strange. It shouldn’t be like this, but he didn’t know why, but he was embarrassed to ask her. Because this question has been asked many times. He has always been like this, so deep love her, thinking about her everywhere.

That day, he asked her to come back when she was, she said uncertain, saying that she was shopping with friends. He was ready for dinner and was hot over and over again. Later, she called her again and found that she couldn’t get through. He became very anxious and became very helpless. He decided to go to find her, but did not know where to find her.

I don’t know if it is God’s will, but I am very lucky. The first mall he was looking for, he found her. But she stood next to another man. Just a few seconds ago, two people stood still kissing. He stood there, stunned, and did not want to see everything in front of him.

But he did not rush forward, but turned and left. He thought the lies of her on weekdays, tears fell down. A man walked on a noisy street, bowed his head and held back his tears.

Later that night he talked to her for a long time. . . . . . He said that he was going to another city, she did not retain, on the night of the night, two people sitting opposite each other, no more words.

Later, one of his friends became a eyelash designer. He asked him to design a very special eyelash style, which must be suitable for the round eyes. The designer nodded and seemed to understand his thoughts.

Because her eyes are round indeed.

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