Ash – The story behind the eyelash

The story of this eyelash, because of a client, she is from a European country called Slovakia.

She is the customer I am responsible for and is a customer with special ideas. One day we chatted together, she asked me a question. She said: “Why are there so many eyelashes, there is no one with deep and shallow eyelashes? For example, the amount of hair in the inner corner of the eye and the amount of hair in the outer corner of the eye have a obvious contrast?”

Suddenly, this suggestion from the customer gave me a new idea. Yes! We have always been committed to the improvement of the style. But did not expect to make improvements in the amount of hair. Later I told our designers about this idea. He was very happy after listening to it and said that he also ignored this design idea. Also specifically let me convey his thanks to my customers.

Just a week later, our designers designed this eyelash. Near the inner corner of the eye, and also one-third of the entire eyelash, the designer did a reduction in the amount of hair. At the same time, the designer also designed half thick and half thin, but it seems far from this look. So in the end we finally retained this eyelash.

At first glance, this eyelash is like the burning ash, one break has begun to burn, and one end is waiting for the fire. Later, we sent this eyelash to the customer, she was very satisfied, and soon this eyelash became a hot sale eyelash in her store.

We are also very happy to help our customers, and we are more happy that our customers can participate in our design.

Everyone progresses together and is the best victory.

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