Furcation – the story behind the eyelash

“Two people will always be together, and they will always be separated.” This is what a customer said to me. At that time, she was falling out of love, and her mood was very low.

I really want to comfort her. But I know that this kind of thing can only be slowly digested by herself. But I really want to do something for her. Just this time the designer designed a new eyelash style and sent a picture to me.

This style is very obvious, but before the fork, all the hairs are tightly held together. It looks like the love of my client. It is also like the love of most people.

I told the customer, if you want to see the latest eyelashes, you are going to be the first customer to see this eyelash. My client is very excited and replied to me, am I really lucky? In fact, I understand that she said this sentence, but still thought of her unsatisfactory love.

I said that if you see the eyelashes, and you still so unhappy, I will think that my eyelashes are not good. I saw her in the video, smiled suddently and looked great. Then I sent this latest eyelash to her, she smiled happily and said that she liked it.

But it seems that she also sees the characteristics of this eyelash, from the moment to the complete separation, she also seems to think of the meaning I think. Her face was dimmed again.

But I am not persuading her any more, I know that there is always something need to go out on your own.

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