1972 – the story behind the eyelash

Someone once asked me a question, is there anyone in this world who is selfless to you, I did not hesitate to answer, my parents.

No matter how we are outside, no matter how long we wander, parents are always the warmest harbor, we are like the boat that sails in the sea.

One day, our eyelash designer asked me to give a name to a new eyelash style. I thought for a long time and didn’t think of a suitable name. So I turned and walked to the window and looked at the scenery downstairs.

The crowds coming and going, suddenly a pair of fathers and sons came over and caught my attention. At that time, the father and the son took a big stairs, and the boy tried several times to fail. Just when he tried to climb over the stairs, at that time, his father raised up him and let him over his head. The stairs that cannot be crossed now are now much lower than the boy’s feet.

At that moment, I saw the greatness of being a father. Suddenly I thought of my parents. Now that I am in a foreign land, I can appreciate the kindness of my parents.

I want to write my thoughts with an eyelash, so that my thoughts will exist in another way, I will never miss it. I think the starting point for our relationship with our parents is the year the parents were born.

Coincidentally, my parents all were born in 1972.

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