Elf – The story behind the eyelash

The name of this eyelash style comes from a story, a naughty and cute story.

The story is written like this: The boy asked the girl, have you seen the elf? The girl said No; The boy asked again, are you afraid of the elf? The girl said she didn’t know.; The boy asked the girl again, do you think the elf is good or bad? The girl shook her head.

The boy finally asked the girl, do you think there is an elf around you or not? The girl looked at the boy and shook her head.

The boy said to the girl, when you sleep at night, don’t turn off the lights first. You shouted at the room, is there an elf? Can you turn off the lights for me? If the light is suddenly turned off, then you don’t have to be afraid, this elf should be an obedient elf. It won’t hurt you, then you don’t have to be afraid; If the light is not turned off, then there is no elf around you, so you don’t have to be afraid as well.

After listening to the girl, she suddenly felt that she had some expectations for the elf. The boy looked at the girl and girl smiled like his elf.

When our eyelash designer shared this story with me, I felt that the story was romantic.

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