Shimmer – the story behind the eyelash

“Shimmer, he is like my light, I chase behind him, become a better self, but miss him.”

This is a sentence that a female client from Slovakia told me. She said she liked a person before, but the two did not come together. But my client said that she especially thanked him for appearing in her life because he taught her to grow and made her a better one.

I didn’t ask him and her story, she didn’t say it as well. But I know that my client will not forget this man in his life.

“If some people are not destined to go together, then the best way is to not let yourself forget, but also don’t let yourself remember.”

The customer kept silence and I suggested that it would be better to call your favorite eyelashes style a shimmer. This is also the way you remember him.

She said, thank you.

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