Full – The Story Behind The Eyelash

“Thinner or thicker for eyelash, which one is better?”

“Is the eyelashes closely aligned between the hair and the hair, or is it better to have a larger interval?”

This is two questions that the customer asked me because she wanted to customize the eyelashes that looked very thick.

In fact, we often encounter some customers who ask a variety of questions, some want this style, some want that style.

In fact, I am very proud to say that my clients are very lucky. Because we have a professional eyelash designer, he designed a lot of classic models on the market. For example, the eyelashes in the US market called Miami are from the hands of our designers.

Soon during my discussions with my clients, I knew which style she wanted. Soon after, a new eyelash style called full was born in the hands of our designers.

The customer was very happy to say a word, amazing!

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