Shade – the story behind the eyelash

The story behind this eyelash is a special story, a story that starts from obscurity and ends with obscurity.

This is a story about Tom and Lucy. Tom grew up with his parents and grew up on the farm of Lucy’s family. Lucy was the daughter of the farmer. They are two playmates who grew up together.

No matter when, Tom is always protecting Lucy. Tom thinks Lucy is like his little princess, the one he wants to care for in his lifetime, and Tom is willing to be her knight.

But when he grew up, Tom became more and more aware of the gap between himself and Lucy. He felt that he was not worthy of Lucy, not that he did not like Lucy, but that he could not give Lucy a clear future. Tom slowly hid this love in his heart, but still as good as Lucy was before.

Later, Lucy’s father had a good friend’s child and also liked Lucy, and began to pursue her crazily. Lucy told Tom, you gave me a promise, and I ran away with you. That day Tom didn’t answer Lucy’s question, but he sat on side of the farm lake for a whole night.

But the next day, Tom and Lucy said that he always regarded Lucy as a young sister, did not like Lucy, and said that he already had someone he liked. When Lucy was listening to Tom, she burst into tears, and she felt that Tom was cheating on her. But Tom’s firm eyes were telling her that he didn’t seem to lie to her. Later that night, Lucy looked at the moon outside the window whole night in her bedroom.

When the two people met each other, the atmosphere was not like before, and the two did not speak much. Lucy answered the pursuit of others and wanted to stimulate Tom. But Tom never said anything to Lucy.

On the night of Lucy’s marriage, Tom quietly left the farm.

But He said that he actually loves Lucy. He loves Lucy than anyone else. But also because he loves Lucy too much, he does not want Lucy to suffer with himself, he thinks he is not worthy of Lucy.

I often think, love, how great, how humble! Some love is destined to be hidden in the middle of the night, stay in the deepest part of my heart.

some time, love cant say out, and also dont need to say out

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