Bruce-the story behind the eyelash

I can’t help but be in awe of the name of this eyelash, because it reminds me of Bruce lee every time I see it.

He is my idol, but also our Chinese pride. He is not only a fighter, but also a martial artist. I remember watching documentaries about him as a child, his movies, his video. At the beginning, I just admired his excellent martial arts, but with a deeper understanding of him, I found the greatness of his martial arts thought.

There is no shortage of great people in this world, but there is a lack of those who can master martial arts, not only as martial arts, but also as an art, a metaphysical art. Practitioners should not only pursue high martial arts, but also understand why they practice martial arts and its significance.

Just like we do eyelash products, we not only do eyelash products, but also the artistic pursuit of eyelash products. Because we think it is a work of art, not a commodity.

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