Leaf – the story behind the eyelash

Every time I work overtime until the night, I will go through a street full of phoenix trees, and there are street lamps along the street.

Every time the street light shines on the leaves, the green leaves look brighter, but they are not dazzling. Every time I look up and look at the leaves that are brightened by light, it is very beautiful, like a sparkling hope.

Slowly, I will think of our eyelash products. We have chosen our development route from the very beginning, we have to do high-end eyelash products. Since we want to pursue art, we must do our best. We hope that our products will bring us a wonderful experience, not just a kind of cosmetics.

Consumers often complain that our products are more expensive than others, but have they thought about why our products are more expensive than others? If it is not absolutely assured of our quality, we will not set this price, and continue to do so many years of eyelash business.

Suddenly the inspiration in the brain flashes, it is better to call this eyelashes a leaf.

It is both a good-looking green and a certain hope.

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