Vibration – The story behind the eyelash

Once, a customer asked me a question. Can help me design an eyelash, which is the kind of eyelash that looks very long and short as well? But keep it looks good anyway.

I said, sure, don’t forget that we have the most professional eyelash designer to serve you, we will do our best to help you design the type of eyelashes you want.

Later, I conveyed the idea of my client to our professional eyelash designer. Sure enough, he never let us down. Just a week later, he sent the first sample of this eyelash to my desk.

I carefully looked at this eyelash and found that it was very different from our previous eyelashes, not only in appearance, but also in adjusting the hairline of the eyelashes so that each column of eyelashes has a different length. And this cross-over design makes the eyelashes look good.

I especially admire our eyelash designer, and every thought can be perfectly reflected. 

Later, think about it, this is why we have been engaged in eyelash business so many years. Because we never stop the innovation of the eyelash style, and we are also very happy to interact with the customer, according to the customer’s ideas to design an eyelash.

Cooperation can win-win!

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