Peach – the story behind the eyelash

There is no special story behind this eyelash design. But the name of this eyelash is really due to a small story.

A very normal but very special story.

That day, this eyelash just came out. I took this eyelash and wondered what name should I give it? Turning around and seeing one of my colleagues eating peaches, watching her look down and expression is very cute. Then I asked her what do you think should I give this eyelashes what kind name?

Unexpectedly, she looked up and said with a smile, it is better to call it a peach.

Originally, I didn’t think so, but looking at the style of this eyelash, it is more and more like a peach, not a shape, but a happy feeling of eating peach.

Looking at my eyelashes in my hands, I am also happy when I don’t know why. The original good things will make people feel happy.

No wonder we have been innovating the design of eyelash styles, and we are discovering beauty.

Ting – the story behind the eyelash

Why is this eyelash called Ting? In fact, the name comes from a poem, a poem I wrote. The poem is written like this:


Listening to the wind, missing you has gone through several seasons

Listen to the rain drop, where did you meet me

Listening to insects, listening to birds, listening to everything singing

These are not the same as the voice you call my name.

That sound is in my ear, Listening more in my heart

We are not just doing eyelashes, we do it as a work of art, because we love art.

You should have your own judgment

Today, a customer from Albania found me and said that she was looking for a new supplier.

She said that she was deceived by the last supplier, and the quality was far from being as good as when she received the eyelashes. And she said that she is a quality-oriented makeup artist, and she must not allow herself to use poor quality eyelashes for her clients.

I agree with it because we have always focused on providing high quality eyelashes to our customers. It is not only a good customer experience, but also a pursuit.

But the customer is still wary of me. In order to let the customer have confidence in us, I told the customer that the lillylashes Miami in the US market, this lashes style is designed by our eyelash designers in 2013.

After she finished listening, she said with a smile that many people said this to me. Everyone is a supplier of lillylashes. I didn’t refute her after listening to it. I just told her that some of this Miami is not known to others. I believe other suppliers can’t tell this things.

I told her that one thing might be talked about by many people, but you should have your own judgment, what is good and what is bad.

Whenever you don’t trust others easily, you can’t easily doubt others.

Shade – the story behind the eyelash

The story behind this eyelash is a special story, a story that starts from obscurity and ends with obscurity.

This is a story about Tom and Lucy. Tom grew up with his parents and grew up on the farm of Lucy’s family. Lucy was the daughter of the farmer. They are two playmates who grew up together.

No matter when, Tom is always protecting Lucy. Tom thinks Lucy is like his little princess, the one he wants to care for in his lifetime, and Tom is willing to be her knight.

But when he grew up, Tom became more and more aware of the gap between himself and Lucy. He felt that he was not worthy of Lucy, not that he did not like Lucy, but that he could not give Lucy a clear future. Tom slowly hid this love in his heart, but still as good as Lucy was before.

Later, Lucy’s father had a good friend’s child and also liked Lucy, and began to pursue her crazily. Lucy told Tom, you gave me a promise, and I ran away with you. That day Tom didn’t answer Lucy’s question, but he sat on side of the farm lake for a whole night.

But the next day, Tom and Lucy said that he always regarded Lucy as a young sister, did not like Lucy, and said that he already had someone he liked. When Lucy was listening to Tom, she burst into tears, and she felt that Tom was cheating on her. But Tom’s firm eyes were telling her that he didn’t seem to lie to her. Later that night, Lucy looked at the moon outside the window whole night in her bedroom.

When the two people met each other, the atmosphere was not like before, and the two did not speak much. Lucy answered the pursuit of others and wanted to stimulate Tom. But Tom never said anything to Lucy.

On the night of Lucy’s marriage, Tom quietly left the farm.

But He said that he actually loves Lucy. He loves Lucy than anyone else. But also because he loves Lucy too much, he does not want Lucy to suffer with himself, he thinks he is not worthy of Lucy.

I often think, love, how great, how humble! Some love is destined to be hidden in the middle of the night, stay in the deepest part of my heart.

some time, love cant say out, and also dont need to say out

Lemon – the story behind the eyelash

“What kind of taste do you think summer like?” A customer from Germany asked me.

“That must be the taste of lemonade, and a cat hiding in the corner.” I said.

“Well, but my summer still has the taste of a white shirt. I still remember the sweet happiness when I first snuggled on him.” The customer seemed to be in a memory, then she slowly tell me the story about her first love.

The story is simple, as most people will experience, but he and her story are inseparable from a word, lemon.

They first time encounter were under the lemon tree; They first time embraced under the lemon tree; When they first kissed, he took a bite of lemon and then kissed her mouth. Later in her memory there was a kiss called lemon.

The customer talked to me for a long time, but from what I saw in her expression, she still missed him deeply. When she moved her eyes, the long eyelashes fanned up and down, as if telling a story, the story should be the kind of light summer, and lemon-flavored of him.

Full – The Story Behind The Eyelash

“Thinner or thicker for eyelash, which one is better?”

“Is the eyelashes closely aligned between the hair and the hair, or is it better to have a larger interval?”

This is two questions that the customer asked me because she wanted to customize the eyelashes that looked very thick.

In fact, we often encounter some customers who ask a variety of questions, some want this style, some want that style.

In fact, I am very proud to say that my clients are very lucky. Because we have a professional eyelash designer, he designed a lot of classic models on the market. For example, the eyelashes in the US market called Miami are from the hands of our designers.

Soon during my discussions with my clients, I knew which style she wanted. Soon after, a new eyelash style called full was born in the hands of our designers.

The customer was very happy to say a word, amazing!

Meteor – The story behind the eyelash

The name of this eyelash is beautiful to read, but it is also very common. But the name is taken from a poem.

This is a poem I wrote to her:

When the meteor crosses the sky

When the firework blooms in the night

That is the scenery when you met me.

That was black night

Did not wait for the meteor, or fireworks

Only leave the shadow on the ground

Under the breeze, the shadow is sloshing

This is a poem that has not been sent, and it will last forever in my heart.

Capture – the story behind the eyelash

There is a book that says that everyone has a dream capture. The dream capture can go to the dream you missing person and find his dream capture. Then tell his dream capture, her thoughts for missing him.

Legend has it that Indians have a dream catcher that can be used to capture beautiful dreams, or to make nightmares disappear with the morning sun. It is like a filter, leaving a good dream and leaving a nightmare away.

And I want to be my dream capture and want to be your dream catcher. I hope that every day will appear in your dreams, and also I hope that you have a good dream every day.

Similarly, when I bring my eyelashes, I just hope to capture you.

This is not the romance of the story, but the depth of the love feelings.

Shimmer – the story behind the eyelash

“Shimmer, he is like my light, I chase behind him, become a better self, but miss him.”

This is a sentence that a female client from Slovakia told me. She said she liked a person before, but the two did not come together. But my client said that she especially thanked him for appearing in her life because he taught her to grow and made her a better one.

I didn’t ask him and her story, she didn’t say it as well. But I know that my client will not forget this man in his life.

“If some people are not destined to go together, then the best way is to not let yourself forget, but also don’t let yourself remember.”

The customer kept silence and I suggested that it would be better to call your favorite eyelashes style a shimmer. This is also the way you remember him.

She said, thank you.

Elf – The story behind the eyelash

The name of this eyelash style comes from a story, a naughty and cute story.

The story is written like this: The boy asked the girl, have you seen the elf? The girl said No; The boy asked again, are you afraid of the elf? The girl said she didn’t know.; The boy asked the girl again, do you think the elf is good or bad? The girl shook her head.

The boy finally asked the girl, do you think there is an elf around you or not? The girl looked at the boy and shook her head.

The boy said to the girl, when you sleep at night, don’t turn off the lights first. You shouted at the room, is there an elf? Can you turn off the lights for me? If the light is suddenly turned off, then you don’t have to be afraid, this elf should be an obedient elf. It won’t hurt you, then you don’t have to be afraid; If the light is not turned off, then there is no elf around you, so you don’t have to be afraid as well.

After listening to the girl, she suddenly felt that she had some expectations for the elf. The boy looked at the girl and girl smiled like his elf.

When our eyelash designer shared this story with me, I felt that the story was romantic.