New technology for printing eyelash boxes

Today, just today, a new print eyelash box technology was introduced to our eyelash box factory.

Previously, you could not print a logo that could be touched on the eyelash plastic box. Now, that is, today, we can do this technology. Below I will show you two videos:

No 1.

No 2.

If you like this kind of box, please choose a favorite eye style, we will print it for you.

How many eyelashes boxes are better to buy at the beginning?

Many customers are tangled, I just started to do eyelash business, then I buy how many eyelashes boxes are better?

I bought less, not enough. I bought more, I am afraid that it is not good.

In fact, dear customer, you have this consideration is good, but you think too more. My suggestion is that if you want to experience the quality of your eyelashes and then you can buy a pair of styles. But if you have enough budget and then you can buy more than one style.

The choice is simple, just you give yourself a lot of burden.