Why do we choose DHL as our preferred express?

At the beginning of the article, let’s first talk, we usually choose express delivery. What points do we need to pay attention to?

First, the timeliness of express delivery. The timeliness of different express delivery can vary a lot, some 3-5 days, some 10-15 days, and even some express delivery time is longer.

Second, the safety of express delivery. Some not very professional courier companies can also ship. However, because of its unprofessional nature, it is impossible to ensure the safety of your eyelashes in transit. Some unprofessional express companies often have lost goods. At this point we absolutely do not allow our customers’ eyelashes to be lost.

Third, the price of the express. Because after all, doing business, price is a factor that must be considered. However, the price is obviously a certain standard to determine the comprehensive quality of a courier. The expensive price is definitely a place where it is expensive. A good delivery is not cheap, because its excellent service is the embodiment of value.

We have been in the eyelash industry for many years and have been exposed to a variety of express delivery. I will talk about why we chose DHL as our preferred express.

First of all, it is the timeliness of DHL. Usually, as long as DHL can be delivered to the country, it usually takes 3-5 days to be delivered to the customer. Because in the Internet age, time is money.

Second, it is the security of DHL. As one of the giants in the global express delivery industry, its professionalism and its safety are unquestionable. Otherwise, it will not grow into a giant in the world’s major international express delivery industry. Doesn’t its own strength scale reflect it?

Then, it is the DHL price. Because we are a long-term cooperative relationship, we will have a special price in terms of price. So in terms of price, we have already won a lot of discounts for our customers.

From here we can clearly see that we are making the choice of express delivery for the points mentioned above.

However, sometimes there are customers complained that the express price is very expensive. They would ask “is there any cheaper one?” But when I give her a lot of express choices, she finally chose DHL indeed.

As I know she will chooses DHL. Because DHL is the choice we make to our customers after making a lot of choices. After all, the express delivery we contact is much more than our customers. So in a sense, we already made a lot of choices for our customers in advance and made a thoughtful choice.