You should have your own judgment

Today, a customer from Albania found me and said that she was looking for a new supplier.

She said that she was deceived by the last supplier, and the quality was far from being as good as when she received the eyelashes. And she said that she is a quality-oriented makeup artist, and she must not allow herself to use poor quality eyelashes for her clients.

I agree with it because we have always focused on providing high quality eyelashes to our customers. It is not only a good customer experience, but also a pursuit.

But the customer is still wary of me. In order to let the customer have confidence in us, I told the customer that the lillylashes Miami in the US market, this lashes style is designed by our eyelash designers in 2013.

After she finished listening, she said with a smile that many people said this to me. Everyone is a supplier of lillylashes. I didn’t refute her after listening to it. I just told her that some of this Miami is not known to others. I believe other suppliers can’t tell this things.

I told her that one thing might be talked about by many people, but you should have your own judgment, what is good and what is bad.

Whenever you don’t trust others easily, you can’t easily doubt others.

Ting – Eyelash Story About Shy Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy. He is very embarrassed and very shy. Even if he meet a girl you like, he won’t take the initiative to say hello.

Once in the outdoor class, the teacher needed a person to take a photo record. The boy volunteered to take the camera from home to school. In fact, the boy has ulterior motives. He wants to secretly photograph the girl he likes. This is a precious opportunity for him.

The boy who helped the teacher to take a photo secretly took a lot of pictures of the girl, and the boy felt very satisfied. However, the boy never imagined that by the time of rest, the boy was sitting in a connected position with the girl. The boy was very nervous. This was the first time so close to the girl, and hurriedly blocked his face with a camera.

It was just the sunset, the girl looked to the west, ​​leaving her innocent side face. The boy pressed the shutter to her side face quietly. In the photo, the girl’s eyelashes are long and beautiful, and the boy’s was smiling.

After many years passed, the boy accidentally pulled out the photo and stared at the girl, remembering the beautiful moment at the time. Later, the boy told the story to our designer and showed us the girl’s photo.

After listening to the story, the designer felt that the story was very moving, so she tried to make the eyelash according to the girl’s eyelashes. The designer asked the boy what kind of name do you want to call these two eyelashes?

The boy said, just call “Ting” because the girl’s name has a “Ting” in it.

Are you ready?

Dear customers, please be careful, please be careful!

New customers who are still hesitant to engage in eyelash business, make a quick decision.

Old customers who need to replenish the goods quickly plan to order eyelashes in advance.

August is a turning point for the eyelash industry. Because it is the month with the most demand for eyelashes in September each year, it is precisely because of this that we have to prepare enough eyelashes in August to cope with the procurement month of eyelashes in September.

First, the full supply of goods allows customers to place orders directly, providing customers with delivery services at any time. In the Internet era, time is the money.

Second, at the same time, when stocking, you should prepare some new goods, because if you have this style in the whole market, then they will come to find you. Everyone is still very willing to try new eyelash styles.

Third, sellers who can stock up is a symbol of strength, because only when sales are large, they dare to prepare so many eyelash stocks. Therefore, on the other hand, it gives your customers a great confidence and feels comfortable working with you.

Dear customer, take advantage of August and take action. Prepare for September and create brilliance.

It is better to give up buying eyelashes

First of all, I am an eyelash supplier. I hope our eyelashes can bring beauty to more customers.

Secondly, I am a eyelash seller. I want to sell my products to people who know how to appreciate. People who know how to appreciate are not only the highest praise for the products, but also an affirmation to our sales staff.

But sometimes there are often some customers, we give her patience to answer the confusion, the first time to serve, but she still saying that this is not good, it is not good. It seems that the customer is not buying eyelashes, but with a set of specifications to define the eyelashes.

This kind of customer is not the same as the customer who buys more carefully. The questions they ask are well-founded, and we talk to each other reasonably.

Faced with this kind of customer, I sometimes persuade her to give up buying eyelashes. There are three reasons:

First, we don’t have to respect customers who don’t respect eyelash products.

Second, customers who don’t know how to appreciate eyelashes are also a misunderstanding of eyelashes.

Third, though we are not refusing this kind customer, but we are not welcome too.

Which way to buy eyelash samples is more worthwhile

Today, I have a customer from Australia. She first asked about the shipping price and felt acceptable, then told me to pick the eyelashes sample.

After about two hours, he told me that she chose 10 eyelash styles and sent the list to me. Because when I gave him the freight. I said that the transport price of 1-10 pairs of eyelashes is the same. So ordering eyelash samples, in the case of ensuring the same transportation costs, it is good choice to choose more seyelash style to test.

But when I quoted her the price. I don’t know if it’s a budget issue? Or if the customer’s purchase is more cautious. She told me that I only want three eyelash styles. I was not surprised at first because everyone has their own choices.

But as my client, I still need to tell the customer again, which one is more worthwhile. However, after speaking, the customer insisted on trying three styles first, each style requires a sample.

As before, I will still persuade my customers to add a few different styles, and transportation will be worthwhile. But now I am not going to do that.

I deeply understand that everyone has a choice for everyone, we can suggest, but we must not interfere, we have to respect each other’s choices.

Which way to buy is more worthwhile? In fact, which way is worthwhile, as long as you get what you want, as long as it is your choice that is worth it.

All arrangements are the best arrangements.

I will order eyelash next month

I don’t know why, I have a lot of customers who say that I will order eyelashes from me next month, even if we have already discussed all the details about eyelash ordering.

At first I tried to guess, is this an excuse for customers to reject me? Or is the customer really ordering next month? Or is she comparing among several suppliers?

I can guess a lot of possibilities, but I am not sure what the truth is.

Just today, when I go to pick up the water, the left side of the water dispenser is hot water, and the right side is cold water. I was very entangled in the end, was it cold water or hot water? So I spent a long time to think. But I found I was still standing, the cold water was not received, and the hot water was not received.

Suddenly, I realized that if I really like what I like, then getting early is better than getting late. And more, isn’t better to have immediate possession than to get earlier?

I think it is same reason like eyelash ordering.

Which eyelash is suitable for me to wear?

I believe that most salespeople will ask you what eye shape you are, and then choose the right eyelash style according to your eye shape.

First of all, I don’t deny this way, but I have another idea. If I put the factor of eye shape away first.

So is the person wearing eyelashes doing makeup every day? So, is it necessary to change different makeup for different occasions? So to a certain extent, do different makeups also need different styles of eyelashes? And makeup is one of many factors, and there are many more.

Then customers can’t help but wonder, how do I choose the eyelash style? There are so many factors to consider, is there a standard?

No, there is no single criterion for buying anything. If you have to say one, then you are like it or not.

In other words, how to choose the favorite eyelash style, that is the first principle, if you like this style in the moment you see the eyelashes, then you just like it.

Because no matter when you like it, it is the best.

Very pity

A customer from the United States found me. She said that she is very interested in the eyelash business and would like to try.

I am very happy and happy not only because there are more and more people who like eyelash market, but also that my client is just a college student. No matter which market, more and more young people mean that this market is more and more dynamic and the prospects are good.

And my client is still a very nice looking person with a pair of beautiful eyes, it is a natural eyelash model. No need to find model anyway.

She asked me a lot about eyelashes and some of the current eyelashes market. I am very patient to answer her, then she told me to think about it and give me a reply tomorrow.

I said yes.

The next day, she found me and said to me. She said that she thought about it for a long time yesterday. She felt she should focus on my studies. The eyelash business need waiting for me to finish my studies, and then I will consider it.

I said it was a pity, how good advantage you are to do eyelash business, but I respect your choice.

I know that everyone has different ideas and everyone’s life is inconsistent, but since she has made a decision, I feel that we must respect others.

But anyway I still feel a little regret in my heart.

Is the shipping fee we charge to our customers expensive?

Dear customer, I admit that we are businessmen, but I only admit that we are eyelash businessmen, not express companies.

Since we are not a courier company, why are we charge you expensive shippment fees?

Some customers have said that your shippment fee is more expensive. I admit it for this, but I want to deny the customer’s thoughts. The competition in this express market is so fierce that no express company will be stupid enough to deliberately raise its price. Since it is expensive, there are always reasons for it. I will not go into details for specific reasons. Please refer to another blog, please click Here.

The reason why we choose this courier as our preferred courier is because our high-end products eyelashes need high-end courier to serve. We not only want our customers to wear our eyelashes comfortably, but also hope that they can deliver goods quickly and safely to customers.

I think that when buying eyelashes, especially from a distant country, shouldn’t you consider the timeliness and safety of eyelash transportation?

And the most important thing should not be to pay attention to the quality of our eyelashes? This business must be put in the long-term perspective, and it must be considered in a holistic manner. If you pay more, you will get more. Is this the truth?

Please be prepared to buy eyelashes

A customer from the Netherlands said that she was just starting her eyelash business and asked how to start her own eyelash business and asked if I could help her.

I am honored and willing to help those who started the eyelash business. I hope they will succeed and hope to succeed with them.

I answered her questions one by one. I am also very patient to tell her some basic knowledge about eyelashes. She is very grateful to me, and also likes the style I recommend to he. And she said she very willing to buy samples to try. Then she asked a lot of questions.

But after a long conversation, she told me that she had no money to buy until next month. I was surprised to hear that after listening to it. I was not surprised that my client did not have any money. I was surprised that she did not honestly say it at the beginning.

Even if you don’t have money right now, it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy it. But why did you start to promise me easily? I think doing business or doing things, shouldn’t we follow credit?

If the other way around, I promised to give you the eyelash style, I didn’t do it. Are you surprised too?

Dear customers, please be prepared to buy eyelashes again. It is not just to prepare your budget, but to be prepared your heart to pursue eyelash business.