Ting – the story behind the eyelash

Why is this eyelash called Ting? In fact, the name comes from a poem, a poem I wrote. The poem is written like this:


Listening to the wind, missing you has gone through several seasons

Listen to the rain drop, where did you meet me

Listening to insects, listening to birds, listening to everything singing

These are not the same as the voice you call my name.

That sound is in my ear, Listening more in my heart

We are not just doing eyelashes, we do it as a work of art, because we love art.

Shade – the story behind the eyelash

The story behind this eyelash is a special story, a story that starts from obscurity and ends with obscurity.

This is a story about Tom and Lucy. Tom grew up with his parents and grew up on the farm of Lucy’s family. Lucy was the daughter of the farmer. They are two playmates who grew up together.

No matter when, Tom is always protecting Lucy. Tom thinks Lucy is like his little princess, the one he wants to care for in his lifetime, and Tom is willing to be her knight.

But when he grew up, Tom became more and more aware of the gap between himself and Lucy. He felt that he was not worthy of Lucy, not that he did not like Lucy, but that he could not give Lucy a clear future. Tom slowly hid this love in his heart, but still as good as Lucy was before.

Later, Lucy’s father had a good friend’s child and also liked Lucy, and began to pursue her crazily. Lucy told Tom, you gave me a promise, and I ran away with you. That day Tom didn’t answer Lucy’s question, but he sat on side of the farm lake for a whole night.

But the next day, Tom and Lucy said that he always regarded Lucy as a young sister, did not like Lucy, and said that he already had someone he liked. When Lucy was listening to Tom, she burst into tears, and she felt that Tom was cheating on her. But Tom’s firm eyes were telling her that he didn’t seem to lie to her. Later that night, Lucy looked at the moon outside the window whole night in her bedroom.

When the two people met each other, the atmosphere was not like before, and the two did not speak much. Lucy answered the pursuit of others and wanted to stimulate Tom. But Tom never said anything to Lucy.

On the night of Lucy’s marriage, Tom quietly left the farm.

But He said that he actually loves Lucy. He loves Lucy than anyone else. But also because he loves Lucy too much, he does not want Lucy to suffer with himself, he thinks he is not worthy of Lucy.

I often think, love, how great, how humble! Some love is destined to be hidden in the middle of the night, stay in the deepest part of my heart.

some time, love cant say out, and also dont need to say out

Breeze – the love story behind the eyelash

This is a story about first love, a boy and a girl. That year he was 18 years old and she was 17 years old.

The boy was particularly excited when he first saw the girl, but the shy boy did not express this love. Just deeply hide this love in heart.

But time waits for no one, and gradually approaches the end of graduation. The boy feels that this love must be said to be exported, otherwise it will become a regret in life.

The boy took the courage and wrote a note to the girl. That night, the boy stood under the sycamore tree waiting for the girl, but the boy was not sure if the girl would come.

The wind blew slightly that night, and the boy walked around under the tree, thinking if the girl would come. But I haven’t seen the girl for a long time. The sky is gradually getting dark. The boy is desperate, thinking that the girl should not come, this may be a rejection.

When the boy lowered his head and was about to leave, suddenly the girl jumped out from the side and said, “Oh, sorry, I am late.”

The boy suddenly opened his mouth and said, “The wind is really gentle tonight, like breeze.”

This is the love story about eyelash.

Just Give Me A Reason

A lot of customers asked me, she said, there are so many eyelash suppliers, they can say so many advantage of their eyelashes. Ok now, just give me a reason to buy your product.

I quickly and accurately answer her, high quality eyelash, a high quality that no one else can imitate.

We know that in this era, especially in markets where prices are already very transparent. We dare to sell high prices, not that we are stupid. Actually we will not sell at a reduced price, but we know that our price reduction is a disrespect for our handmade products.

And the eyelash market must ultimately win the quality. Moreover, the current situation that our products are in short supply is telling us that the original intention of insisting on high quality will also have its own way out.

We must remember that sometimes even a high product is not just a commodity, but more often it brings glory to you.

Why are your eyelashes expensive?

In this blog I don’t want to emphasize the many excellent features of our products. And then tell my customers why our eyelashes are worth the price, but here I want to tell the truth.

In recent years, a large number of eyelash suppliers have appeared in this market, and prices are getting lower and lower. As a company engaged in the business of eyelashes for 10 years, it is very surprising. We are surprised that this market is not developing fast. But we are surprised at why they can sell eyelashes so low.

So with curiosity, we bought the eyelash products of the same industry to experience. After the experience, we found that the experience of doing high-end eyelashes and low-end eyelashes can be so different. We can understand why customers are more willing to buy cheaper eyelashes, but we don’t understand why customers think so.

Then there was a moment when I suddenly realized that these customers are not my customers. The good things need someone who know how to apprecaite. And the basis of eyelashes business success is that we can accept each other’s thoughts and also have the same values.

We are also very fortunate that we have not been rushed by the market. We have not given up on our pursuit of products, we also adhere to our original ideas.

I think this is why we are more expensive than others because I know we worth it!

How much is your product 3D eyelashes?

This is not the first time I have encountered this question, but I really hate it.

Don’t tell the customer, it seems that you don’t care about the customer. If i tell my customer, but don’t know where to start.

Because my customer doesn’t say which eyelash style she like and she doesn’t say the number of purchases. How do I quote?

In case her final choice is lower than my quote, should I tell this question to the customer?

In case her final choice is higher than my quote, can’t I charge more money from the customer?

Each one is actually not good. And the best way is, dear customer, before asking the price, let us talk about which one is your favorite lashes style?

I need 30 personal eyelash boxes

“Hello, I need 30 personal eyelash boxes.” My customer told to me. She said that she needed 30 boxes at once and it felt like a big order.

At the time, my next sentence, I directly refused the request of my customer. Is it because I am not willing to make a eyelash box for the customer?

No, it’s because the eyelash box factory, their list is hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of shipments, they will not specifically arrange for this small list, unless you are willing to produce high prices, but this way It is extremely uneconomical for my customer, I can’t accept it.

About this problem, we have specially customized a large number of boxes in advance. Those boxes are for customers who need, but who only need a small number of boxes. Even there are still some customers who satisfied with those customized eyelash boxes we made before. But still need 30 personal customized boxes as always, so that we are also very difficult. Even some obsessive customers would rather get the box at a higher price. But I can’t promise and also I wouldn’t let my customers waste their budget.

So dear customers, when a supplier advises you to make more eyelash boxes or reject your 30 eyelash boxes, they are not willing to cooperate with you, but they want to cooperate better with you.