Customized Eyelash Box

Some customers want to make their own brand of eyelashes and then they need to customize their own Customized Eyelash Box.

However, such customized eyelash box require special production and need to start the machine. In order to balance the customer’s cost bill and machine loss, we usually recommend a minimum order quantity of 100 boxes!

Rectangular Eyelash Box with windows and diffenr color & pattern if you want.

Apple Green Pull eyelash box, you can change the box color.

Pull Eyelash Box, you can choose different colors as you like.

Flip eyelash box that according to your own preferences, plus text, pictures, and your own LOGO.

Golden Window Diamond Eyelash Box, diferent color is ok.

Diamond Eyelash Box, it looks very special, hot stamp your logo.

Apple Green Window Round Eyelash Box, different color is ok.

Black Lizard Paper Eyelash Box, one color, gold stamping logo.

Round Window Eyelash Box, pattern can be changed.

Candy Eyelash Box, different color and differen tie can be choosed if you want.

Starry Sky Eyelash Box, different logo accepted.

Zebra Pattern Eyelash Box, different logo accepted.

Masquerade Eyelash Box, can choose color.

Hexagonal Laser Eyelash Box, one color, hot sample your logo.

Multiple Eyelash Box with glue and tweezer.

How to make your own eyelash box?