Sample Eyelash Box

We have a lot of customers who just started the Eyelash Business. At the begining they dont need so many Eyelash Boxes. In order to save their their cost, we have customized some beautiful Sample Eyelash Box in advance. And those Sample Eyelash Box really in good price!

Black round eyelash box, different color inside. $1 / Box

Gold Round Eyelash Box with Mirror. $1 / Box

Purple glitter round eyelash box. $1 / Box

Laser silver Square Eyelash Box. $1.1 / Box

Black Lizard Paper Square Eyelash Box. $1 / Box

White Lizard Paper Square Eyelash Box. $1 / Box

Phnom Penh paper Eyelash Box. $1 / Box

Golden Spike Silver Paper Eyelash Box. $1 / Box

Shiny Gold Paper Eyelash Box. $1 / Box

Pink Rose Raper Eyelash Box. $1 / Box

Transprent Acrylic Eyelash Box, two choices. $1.1 / Box

TWO Pairs Eyelash box, with window or without window. $1.5 / Box

Eyelash Kit Box without lashes. $2.5 / Box.

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