Is the 2 dollar eyelashes good?

A customer asked me to customize her personal eyelash packaging box. By the way, we talked about the eyelashes she bought. She spent a small amount of money and bought a bunch of eyelashes. I looked at the picture it gave me, but I saw it at a glance. Our company’s original lashes style is just being emulated by others.

I told her that we have a style that looks like the one you bought, but we are much more expensive because we sell not only eyelash products, but also original designs and user wear experiences.

She replied to me that this was what her friend recommended her to buy. Her friend said that the quality is good, please don’t talk about the good or bad suppliers I purchased.

I smile and reply, okay.

I just couldn’t help but think of a story. Some people once saw a pond and felt that there was so much water here that they felt that they couldn’t use it all, but one day, when she met the ocean. Does he still think that there is more water in the pond?

The 2 dollar eyelashes are like the pond. We can’t say that it is not good. It is only the people who have seen the pond. Of course, it will be good. But dear customer, since we want to do eyelash business, we should go to see the vast ocean in the distance.