We are the first company to produce 25mm eyelashes

One customer found me from Google. And she said she was interested in our company’s 25mm eyelashes.

I am very happy and a customer has shown great interest in our 25mm eyelashes. I am proud to tell her that this is the first time that our company is pushing it into the eyelash market.

The customer smiled and said that we Chinese suppliers are really interesting. She said that this is already the third person to tell her that they are the first to push 25mm eyelashes to the eyelash market.

I smiled and didn’t argue that this question is us or not. But I told her a more detailed message, this series of 25mm eyelashes was officially launched in September last year.

If the customer can find an earlier 25mm eyelash on the market before this time, then I will take back the words.

In fact, sometimes there is no need for us to explain this issue. Since we can say it, we must have our confidence.

And I also hope that my client has the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Though it is a fact, believe it or not, it depends on the customer’s judgment.