What does 3D eyelashes mean?

When many new customers ask me for eyelashes, she will ask if there are 3D eyelashes. I also need some customers to ask if there are 4D, 5D, 8D eyelashes. Whenever the customer asks me this question, I am a little embarrassed. This 3D eyelashes is actually a name.

The earliest eyelash market is mostly human hair, and also there are some chemical synthetic raw materials. This eyelash can make a very silky and regular effect, but it has one of the biggest shortcomings that it is not natural enough, not smart enough. It just can only do a kind of curvature comes out, it seems that the eyelashes are a bit stiff.

When we pursue beauty, we are actually pursuing nature. Therefore, after studying a lot of natural materials, our designers chose the mink hair as raw material. Firstly, the composition of mink hair is very similar to that of us humans; Secondly, the texture of mink hair is soft and touched; Finally, the mink hair is easy to make and it can make a lot of curvatures. It is precisely because of this that we began to distinguish the products before the market, but want to show the diversity of its curvature, 3D is a word that expresses stereo, so we will name this 3D eyelashes. More, it is worth mentioning that this name is still a long time ago.

So, dear customers, those so-called 4D and even 8D eyelashes are just a name, we should pay more attention to the quality of the eyelashes and the innovation of the style.