Is the shipping fee we charge to our customers expensive?

Dear customer, I admit that we are businessmen, but I only admit that we are eyelash businessmen, not express companies.

Since we are not a courier company, why are we charge you expensive shippment fees?

Some customers have said that your shippment fee is more expensive. I admit it for this, but I want to deny the customer’s thoughts. The competition in this express market is so fierce that no express company will be stupid enough to deliberately raise its price. Since it is expensive, there are always reasons for it. I will not go into details for specific reasons. Please refer to another blog, please click Here.

The reason why we choose this courier as our preferred courier is because our high-end products eyelashes need high-end courier to serve. We not only want our customers to wear our eyelashes comfortably, but also hope that they can deliver goods quickly and safely to customers.

I think that when buying eyelashes, especially from a distant country, shouldn’t you consider the timeliness and safety of eyelash transportation?

And the most important thing should not be to pay attention to the quality of our eyelashes? This business must be put in the long-term perspective, and it must be considered in a holistic manner. If you pay more, you will get more. Is this the truth?