If the client refuses to do business with your eyelashes, will you help her solve the problem?

I don’t know what others will do, but I will help my eyelash client solve her confusion, even if there is no business dealing between us.

Maybe some people will say that I am stupid. Why do you have to spend time for some unrelated people? In fact, I also understand the importance of time and understand that even if we talk more, there will be no result.

But I think that since the customer and I can meet each other through thousands of miles, we are not irrelevant. Since my client is still willing to ask me questions, my client is willing to believe me.

I feel that doing eyelash business is good, as well as being a good person. You should have a big love, you can’t think of revenge because of what others are doing, so how do you and them are different. We must not turn ourselves into an annoying way because of the bad behavior of others.

My client refuses me or does not want to do business with me. As long as she asks for me, I still want to be passionate about her like the beginning. I believe that there are many things we need to pay attention to outside of business.

This is also the place where we make high-end eyelashes different. We are not just buying and selling, but trying to solve the needs of each customer.

However, for those who are unreasonable, I will bravely say NO!!!