Monica – The story behind the eyelash

Monica is a cat I have raised, a cat that is black, a cat that is very naughty. Every day, the home is messed up. And every time it is educated, it is not obedient.

But every time when I was alone, it would stay at my feet, licking me with her face. And then I thought it was very cute. It is a cat who makes me love and hate.

Later, our Eyelash Designer came to my house. Who knows that it is usually afraid of stranger, but it will go to kiss the eyelash designer’s legs. And our eyelash designer also likes monica very much, and said to give an Eyelash Design for monica. I thought this was a kidding, not too care about.

Who knows that just a week later, our eyelash designer found me and showed me a new eyelash. He also said, guessed what is this name?

I said, I can’t guess the idea of ​​your big designer. He laughed and said that this is called monica. I suddenly thought of the joke we made that day. It turned out that he really remembered it. I especially thank him.

Honestly I also especially like this monica 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Peach – the story behind the eyelash

There is no special story behind this eyelash design. But the name of this eyelash is really due to a small story.

A very normal but very special story.

That day, this eyelash just came out. I took this eyelash and wondered what name should I give it? Turning around and seeing one of my colleagues eating peaches, watching her look down and expression is very cute. Then I asked her what do you think should I give this eyelashes what kind name?

Unexpectedly, she looked up and said with a smile, it is better to call it a peach.

Originally, I didn’t think so, but looking at the style of this eyelash, it is more and more like a peach, not a shape, but a happy feeling of eating peach.

Looking at my eyelashes in my hands, I am also happy when I don’t know why. The original good things will make people feel happy.

No wonder we have been innovating the design of eyelash styles, and we are discovering beauty.