It is better to give up buying eyelashes

First of all, I am an eyelash supplier. I hope our eyelashes can bring beauty to more customers.

Secondly, I am a eyelash seller. I want to sell my products to people who know how to appreciate. People who know how to appreciate are not only the highest praise for the products, but also an affirmation to our sales staff.

But sometimes there are often some customers, we give her patience to answer the confusion, the first time to serve, but she still saying that this is not good, it is not good. It seems that the customer is not buying eyelashes, but with a set of specifications to define the eyelashes.

This kind of customer is not the same as the customer who buys more carefully. The questions they ask are well-founded, and we talk to each other reasonably.

Faced with this kind of customer, I sometimes persuade her to give up buying eyelashes. There are three reasons:

First, we don’t have to respect customers who don’t respect eyelash products.

Second, customers who don’t know how to appreciate eyelashes are also a misunderstanding of eyelashes.

Third, though we are not refusing this kind customer, but we are not welcome too.