Very pity

A customer from the United States found me. She said that she is very interested in the eyelash business and would like to try.

I am very happy and happy not only because there are more and more people who like eyelash market, but also that my client is just a college student. No matter which market, more and more young people mean that this market is more and more dynamic and the prospects are good.

And my client is still a very nice looking person with a pair of beautiful eyes, it is a natural eyelash model. No need to find model anyway.

She asked me a lot about eyelashes and some of the current eyelashes market. I am very patient to answer her, then she told me to think about it and give me a reply tomorrow.

I said yes.

The next day, she found me and said to me. She said that she thought about it for a long time yesterday. She felt she should focus on my studies. The eyelash business need waiting for me to finish my studies, and then I will consider it.

I said it was a pity, how good advantage you are to do eyelash business, but I respect your choice.

I know that everyone has different ideas and everyone’s life is inconsistent, but since she has made a decision, I feel that we must respect others.

But anyway I still feel a little regret in my heart.

Is the shipping fee we charge to our customers expensive?

Dear customer, I admit that we are businessmen, but I only admit that we are eyelash businessmen, not express companies.

Since we are not a courier company, why are we charge you expensive shippment fees?

Some customers have said that your shippment fee is more expensive. I admit it for this, but I want to deny the customer’s thoughts. The competition in this express market is so fierce that no express company will be stupid enough to deliberately raise its price. Since it is expensive, there are always reasons for it. I will not go into details for specific reasons. Please refer to another blog, please click Here.

The reason why we choose this courier as our preferred courier is because our high-end products eyelashes need high-end courier to serve. We not only want our customers to wear our eyelashes comfortably, but also hope that they can deliver goods quickly and safely to customers.

I think that when buying eyelashes, especially from a distant country, shouldn’t you consider the timeliness and safety of eyelash transportation?

And the most important thing should not be to pay attention to the quality of our eyelashes? This business must be put in the long-term perspective, and it must be considered in a holistic manner. If you pay more, you will get more. Is this the truth?

Please be prepared to buy eyelashes

A customer from the Netherlands said that she was just starting her eyelash business and asked how to start her own eyelash business and asked if I could help her.

I am honored and willing to help those who started the eyelash business. I hope they will succeed and hope to succeed with them.

I answered her questions one by one. I am also very patient to tell her some basic knowledge about eyelashes. She is very grateful to me, and also likes the style I recommend to he. And she said she very willing to buy samples to try. Then she asked a lot of questions.

But after a long conversation, she told me that she had no money to buy until next month. I was surprised to hear that after listening to it. I was not surprised that my client did not have any money. I was surprised that she did not honestly say it at the beginning.

Even if you don’t have money right now, it doesn’t matter if you don’t buy it. But why did you start to promise me easily? I think doing business or doing things, shouldn’t we follow credit?

If the other way around, I promised to give you the eyelash style, I didn’t do it. Are you surprised too?

Dear customers, please be prepared to buy eyelashes again. It is not just to prepare your budget, but to be prepared your heart to pursue eyelash business.

Am I suitable for eyelashes business?

A customer found me and asked me a question. What kind of person is suitable for eyelashes business?

I laughed sweet and I said whoever is okay. But they must really want to invest in this industry and must have a real passion.

But the customer told me that he is a teacher and she doesn’t know much about eyelashes. She doesn’t know which style is good and she doesn’t know how to choose eyelashes.

I smiled a little. I said that if you understand, is it necessary to come to me? Our presence is to help you with this group of customers who are just starting to do eyelash business. We not only want to help you start your eyelashes business, but also want to grow with you.

After listening to the customer, she said that she understands the truth, but she still hesitate. How do I do eyelash business? Am I not suitable for eyelash business?

I smiled slowly and I said that customers like you are suitable for eyelash business. Because even if you have been hesitating, but have not given up in your heart? Doesn’t it mean that you are interested in this eyelash business? It’s just that you have one less reason for yourself.

And this reason requires us to give you this than your professional eyelash practitioners. Because we know the bright future of this eyelashes industry and hope that more and more people will participate, the market needs fresh vitality.

And you are this fresh energy, don’t think about it too much, as long as you want to do eyelash business, then you can.

In any case, all the suits are not suitable, only know if you have tried it by yourself.

Congratulations to my customers

I have a customer from the United States, she is called Dayanne.

She consulted my eyelashes a long time ago and told me that she especially liked our eyelashes. She also selected 10 different eyelashes style and told me to come back soon.

I said, ok.

But my heart is actually quite lost. I don’t know what happened. Recently, some customers have told me like this, but it seems that they have never returned.

Because I started to learn Spanish recently, just because of this client, she speaks Spanish, so I once again communicated with her in Spanish. The whole communication process is quite interesting. My Spanish is not good, she is not very good at English. So, we used Google Translate and exchanged.

Later, I learned that my client is pregnant and will soon be a mother. She said that she has used a lot of money recently and will order it later.

I smiled and said that even if you don’t order our eyelashes, it’s more important to be a mother than to buy eyelashes.

I don’t deny that we are businessmen, and I really want customers to place orders here, but the most important thing is that customers can be happy and happy, this is our happiness and happiness.

Do you need to customize your own eyelash box?

The answer is yes, but don’t worry at first.

There are a lot of customers looking for me, and they are just starting to do eyelashes business, they haven’t ordered a lot of eyelashes, they don’t know the eyelash style they like, and they don’t experience the quality of their own eyelashes, but during the negotiation process. Slowly, he talked to me how to customize his own eyelash box. How to design a good-looking LOGO, there is nothing wrong with considering it, but dear customer, have you considered your actual situation? Do you know what conditions are needed for the factory to make a box?

Some customers even buy a few pairs of eyelashes, they want to match their own unique box, and just need a few boxes, every time we talk about it, in the principle of customer first, we will patiently explain to customers, this lashes packaging The box factory needs a certain amount of order to start work. So many orders are not processed by the factory every day. Will it take time and effort for your small order?

Even more, some customers, even if they know this, are willing to spend a lot of money to order a few pairs of boxes. I can only say sorry every time, I am sorry that we can’t do it. We will not do something that is extremely uneconomical for our clients because of a small profit. Since my client has found me, I would rather offend her than to see her go to an unworthy path.

So dear customers, especially those who just started their own eyelash business, we still pay attention to the quality of the eyelashes themselves. This is the first priority. As for the eyelash packaging box, can’t you do it for the second time?