I want to customize 500 eyelash boxes.

At first, this customer found me and asked if I could customize my own eyelash box. I said that of course. She said that it would take about 200-300 boxes. Later I asked our designers to make a sample picture to my customer.

The customer is very satisfied and saying that I have to customize 500 boxes. I was so happy, because the customer orders the more eyelash boxes, the lower the cost will be. Not only the factory is convenient to produce, but also saves customers cost.

But even when I quoted a very low price, the customer said it was unacceptable, the cost was too high. And the reason for the rejection is that my customer said she had to buy some eyelashes.

I can’t help but be confused and confused. Since there are plans to buy eyelashes, why do you want to make so many eyelash boxes? I have seen most of the customers who need very few eyelash boxes, and this customer has just started to do the eyelash business with 500 boxes, which is an irrational and incorrect idea.

Here I still want to tell those customers who are just starting to do eyelash business. Please remember that eyelashes are always the first. The core of your eyelash business success is the quality of eyelashes instead of eyelash boxes!

How many eyelashes boxes are better to buy at the beginning?

Many customers are tangled, I just started to do eyelash business, then I buy how many eyelashes boxes are better?

I bought less, not enough. I bought more, I am afraid that it is not good.

In fact, dear customer, you have this consideration is good, but you think too more. My suggestion is that if you want to experience the quality of your eyelashes and then you can buy a pair of styles. But if you have enough budget and then you can buy more than one style.

The choice is simple, just you give yourself a lot of burden.