How to choose lashes style at the beginning?

One customer asked me a question. She said, at the beginning if I used a lot of lashes styles to attract my customers. Or just sell a few well-style eyelashes?

I am very happy that customers can think of this question. Because customers are at least taking care of their own eyelash business. I believe that people who do business with heart will be able to do business well.

So for this problem, in terms of my analysis and experience, this is actually not the opposite problem. But the customer said that he can only take one of the two choice of eyelash business, either to buy a lot of lashes quantity, or to buy only a few lashes style.

I seem to understand the customer’s thoughts, probably my client is thinking about which one to choose if I buy eyelashes for the first time. In fact, can we rethink this issue like this?

Because we are just starting to do eyelash business, then the style must be our primary consideration. And the quality of the style is directly related to the success or failure of your later eyelash business. But because we just started to do eyelash business, we can’t quite grasp which eyelashes are suitable for sale, and also it is suitable for our local eyelash market.

So I suggest that my customers, rather than entangle this kind of problem, might divide the problem into two ways. For example, when we first purchase eyelashes, we can buy a variety of styles, each style ordering a few pairs. Then, when we come back for the second time, we can choose a style that we like from the first order to make a large order, and we can also try some new styles to try. Is this better?

Sometimes we don’t have to solve the problem once. Is it better to change the way or solve it twice?

Dear customer, what are you hesitating?

I have a UK customer who sent me a sample order list has more than 70 eyelash styles on two month ago.

I checked her inventory one by one according to her list, but when I checked the inventory, I listed her the eyelash style she needed. She told me that she wanted to add some more, I said yes.

This time it was added for two months. One day she suddenly found me again and asked if I could prepare the goods on the list. I said yes.

But I asked her a question this time. Can you order now? She replied, saying, no urgent order.

In fact, I am very unhappy, but after all, the customer is God, I said yes. But I said a word to her, if you confirm the order next time, and then please tell me again.

She said yes.

Dear customer, in fact, I can refuse you, even ignore you, but I think you must have your own plans, but since you can’t plan well, why waste our time?

How much is your product 3D eyelashes?

This is not the first time I have encountered this question, but I really hate it.

Don’t tell the customer, it seems that you don’t care about the customer. If i tell my customer, but don’t know where to start.

Because my customer doesn’t say which eyelash style she like and she doesn’t say the number of purchases. How do I quote?

In case her final choice is lower than my quote, should I tell this question to the customer?

In case her final choice is higher than my quote, can’t I charge more money from the customer?

Each one is actually not good. And the best way is, dear customer, before asking the price, let us talk about which one is your favorite lashes style?

What do I hesitate when I buy eyelashes?

According to my experience, there are two common situations:

First, when I choose eyelashes, I suddenly find that I have seen more and more eyelashes I want to buy, but the budget is not enough, but I don’t want to give up my favorite eyelash styles, so I slowly calculate in my heart, waiting until my budget is enough to buy?

The more you think about it, the more you should do it. This kind of customer actually has a problem, thinks a lot, and does less. In fact, picking someone who means giving up someone, if you don’t want to give up , then how can you get it?

Second, customers who keep asking questions, it is good to ask question, but always ask questions, is it that good? If you are taking the initiative to understand the eyelash business you are about to engage in, or that is just you follow the trend when you see others earning money. You think others do business well, and also you can, but dear customers, can you?

Usually I would advise my customer, let go of your idea of doing eyelashes business. Try to do some research yourself. After you learn more about eyelashes, decide whether you want to engage in eyelashes business.

Do you need to customize your own eyelash box?

The answer is yes, but don’t worry at first.

There are a lot of customers looking for me, and they are just starting to do eyelashes business, they haven’t ordered a lot of eyelashes, they don’t know the eyelash style they like, and they don’t experience the quality of their own eyelashes, but during the negotiation process. Slowly, he talked to me how to customize his own eyelash box. How to design a good-looking LOGO, there is nothing wrong with considering it, but dear customer, have you considered your actual situation? Do you know what conditions are needed for the factory to make a box?

Some customers even buy a few pairs of eyelashes, they want to match their own unique box, and just need a few boxes, every time we talk about it, in the principle of customer first, we will patiently explain to customers, this lashes packaging The box factory needs a certain amount of order to start work. So many orders are not processed by the factory every day. Will it take time and effort for your small order?

Even more, some customers, even if they know this, are willing to spend a lot of money to order a few pairs of boxes. I can only say sorry every time, I am sorry that we can’t do it. We will not do something that is extremely uneconomical for our clients because of a small profit. Since my client has found me, I would rather offend her than to see her go to an unworthy path.

So dear customers, especially those who just started their own eyelash business, we still pay attention to the quality of the eyelashes themselves. This is the first priority. As for the eyelash packaging box, can’t you do it for the second time?