Is the eyelashes good for black eyeliners or transparent eyeliners?

There are generally two types of eyelash lines, black cotton eyeliner, and white fishing-line eyeliner on the market.

Most customers choose black cotton eyeliner because it looks good with black eyelashes. And also the eyeliner is made of cotton, which is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Some customers feel that wearing a white transparent eyeliner  is easier to draw some types of eyeliner that they need for some makeup performance, so some customers will ask for the eyeliner to be transparent.

In fact, the black eyeliner does not delay the need to draw the eyeliner that you need. And the choice of most people in the market just proves this, so dear customer. But if I choose which eyeliner is good, I will choose the black cotton eyeliner.

Because black eyeliner is a good choice for raw materials, comfort, or wearing experience.