Dear customer, what are you hesitating?

I have a UK customer who sent me a sample order list has more than 70 eyelash styles on two month ago.

I checked her inventory one by one according to her list, but when I checked the inventory, I listed her the eyelash style she needed. She told me that she wanted to add some more, I said yes.

This time it was added for two months. One day she suddenly found me again and asked if I could prepare the goods on the list. I said yes.

But I asked her a question this time. Can you order now? She replied, saying, no urgent order.

In fact, I am very unhappy, but after all, the customer is God, I said yes. But I said a word to her, if you confirm the order next time, and then please tell me again.

She said yes.

Dear customer, in fact, I can refuse you, even ignore you, but I think you must have your own plans, but since you can’t plan well, why waste our time?