Hug – The story behind the eyelash

Everyone knows that they have to make a lot of money and work hard. Because they know that good things are very expensive. Just like a good eyelash product, it will not be cheap.

But we also need to know that the most precious things in the world, such as the sun, the air, and the hugs, are not worth for a penny. We often crave things that we don’t have, hope to get something that looks expensive, but ignore the good things around us.

I gave this name to this 3D mink eyelash. On the one hand, because the part of the eyelashes sticks out, especially like two people hugging each other, on the other hand, I want to tell you that the best things are actually around us.

Perhaps the best way to express love in some way is to hold each other, don’t need to talk, and don’t cry.

We are not only doing eyelash products, but also giving value to our products.

We hope that every customer who wears our eyelash products can not only appreciate the comfort of high-quality eyelashes, but also listen to the story behind the eyelash.

You should have your own judgment

Today, a customer from Albania found me and said that she was looking for a new supplier.

She said that she was deceived by the last supplier, and the quality was far from being as good as when she received the eyelashes. And she said that she is a quality-oriented makeup artist, and she must not allow herself to use poor quality eyelashes for her clients.

I agree with it because we have always focused on providing high quality eyelashes to our customers. It is not only a good customer experience, but also a pursuit.

But the customer is still wary of me. In order to let the customer have confidence in us, I told the customer that the lillylashes Miami in the US market, this lashes style is designed by our eyelash designers in 2013.

After she finished listening, she said with a smile that many people said this to me. Everyone is a supplier of lillylashes. I didn’t refute her after listening to it. I just told her that some of this Miami is not known to others. I believe other suppliers can’t tell this things.

I told her that one thing might be talked about by many people, but you should have your own judgment, what is good and what is bad.

Whenever you don’t trust others easily, you can’t easily doubt others.

Why do we choose Mink Lashes?

We have been pursuing nature, imitating nature, but never surpassing nature. This is why we choose mink hair as our eyelashes raw material.

Because the mink hair is similar in composition and structure to our human eyelashes, and the natural mink is soft and non-irritating, it is comfortable to wear for a long time. Compared with some other artificial hair, it has some unmatched advantages.

There are also mink hair that can create a layered feel of different curvatures, which will make your eyelashes look more natural, richer in layers, and have a smart aesthetic between the eyebrows.

The mink eyelashes are not the production of the assembly line, nor the uniformity. She should make us pursue our own personality and art. The final trend must be high-end customization, unique. Perhaps this is the meaning of handmade products.