Am I suitable for eyelashes business?

A customer found me and asked me a question. What kind of person is suitable for eyelashes business?

I laughed sweet and I said whoever is okay. But they must really want to invest in this industry and must have a real passion.

But the customer told me that he is a teacher and she doesn’t know much about eyelashes. She doesn’t know which style is good and she doesn’t know how to choose eyelashes.

I smiled a little. I said that if you understand, is it necessary to come to me? Our presence is to help you with this group of customers who are just starting to do eyelash business. We not only want to help you start your eyelashes business, but also want to grow with you.

After listening to the customer, she said that she understands the truth, but she still hesitate. How do I do eyelash business? Am I not suitable for eyelash business?

I smiled slowly and I said that customers like you are suitable for eyelash business. Because even if you have been hesitating, but have not given up in your heart? Doesn’t it mean that you are interested in this eyelash business? It’s just that you have one less reason for yourself.

And this reason requires us to give you this than your professional eyelash practitioners. Because we know the bright future of this eyelashes industry and hope that more and more people will participate, the market needs fresh vitality.

And you are this fresh energy, don’t think about it too much, as long as you want to do eyelash business, then you can.

In any case, all the suits are not suitable, only know if you have tried it by yourself.